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Performance lectures on climate change

New case in the Toolbox! In this case you can read about how students from Theater and Performances studies were to deliver a series of performance lectures on climate change at Theatre Grob. The practical part of the course was based on an understanding of the process of performing arts as collective design processes and … Continued

Participant observation

News in the Toolbox! Participant observation has been added to the collection of methods in the toolbox Participant observation is an ethnographic field research method, where theĀ  basic idea is that you can get insight about a cultural environment by both observing and participating in it. Material gathered from participant observation can be used to … Continued

Design thinking

A guide for implementing design thinking in your teaching has been added in the toolbox. Design thinking is an approach for developing innovative solutions to solve complex problems and in this guide a process model is presented, which consists of the five phases: Empathize, Define, ideate, prototype and test (Stanford (2010) ) You can … Continued

New collection of examples of learning objectives

You can now download a collection of examples of learning objectives related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The collection contains verbs to formulate learning objectives as well as a collection of learning objectives divided into the following themes: Value creation and creativity Process understanding Collaboration To apply and integrate academic disciplines Enterprising behaviour You can use … Continued

New case about design thinking in consultancy

In this case, you can read about how students apply design thinking as an approach to problem solving in the course Introduction to Consultancy. The students worked in teams to solve a climate adaptation challenge for the Copenhagen Municipality. Read the case. Get teaching material from the workshop.

Q&A with teachers has been updated!

We have updated our Q&A, where teachers with experience in the development of I&E courses across UCPH, answer questions regarding innovation pedagogics. Read e.g. about how teachers include external stakeholders, how students apply their academic backgound and how to handle the group dynamics in the innovation process. Go to the Q&A here.

Toolbox on social media

The Toolbox is on Facebook! Get updated on e.g. new methods and activities, as well as input from our network within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.