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In this Q & A we have asked teachers experienced with the development of innovation and entrepreneurship courses to answer questions regarding their thoughts on the didactics and innovation elements in their own courses. The aim is to depict the various approaches and methods for teaching through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Lars Kayser

Associate professer, IFSV, SUND, KU

“During the course the students use their respective subject knowledge in relation to each other with a focus on diseases, technology, innovation, organization and user interfaces, and epidemiology. Along the way, the students work with ethnographic methods to understand the needs that must be solved.”

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Simon Lex

Department of Anthropology, SAMF, KU

“The course Innovation & Co-Creation explores innovation with themes and perspectives from the anthropological theory and the ethnographic methodology. During the course the students participate in a number of workshops where the groups work together to solve specific problems - both academic and practical.”

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Anne Mette Thorhauge

Associate professer, MEF, HUM, KU

“The course, Concept development, systems development and innovation, has its starting point in an ANT perspective. This means that there is a distinction between "invention" as a basic principle or idea and "innovation" as the process of following it through. ”

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Klaus Marius Hansen

Professor, DIKU, SCIENCE, KU

“The innovation approach can best be described as a prototyping process in which a series of prototypes of the digital service are produced. To do this, we use a mix of techniques including ethnographic fieldwork, user involvement, design interventions, paper prototyping, functional prototyping, and business modeling.”

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Katharina Poetz

Associate professer, IFRO, SCIENCE, KU

“On the course Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the students work on developing a business concept based on a case challenge that is related to their fields of study. The course focuses on cooperation with the outside world. From the start of the course, students work on real-life and real-time cases presented to them by entrepreneurs, companies, or organizations.”

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