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Megatrends are the driving forces that define the world today and that of tomorrow. In other words, they are what we know about a likely future. Megatrends are characterised by being far-reaching, global patterns related to behaviour, mobility and environment. Examples of megatrends are: health, population growth, urbanisation and digitalisation.

The method can inspire to and produce a framework for a project before the idea development phase, or be used to introduce a theme. Drawing inspiration from megatrends supports work that is current, of relevance and has direction.


  1. Choose a range of megatrends. You can discover some megatrends by doing an online search or select some or possibly all of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  2. Write each megatrend down on a separate, large sheet of paper, using a flipchart for example.
  3. Hang or tape the sheets with the megatrends up to a wall.
  4. Ask students to go to the megatrend that most interests them.
  5. Then ask them to individually write down how they interpret the trend – both personally and as a professional in the field. Thereafter, they should share their views in the group and identify recurrent or important themes within the particular trend.
  6. From there, the idea development process may begin. (Search for idea generation methods)

Worth Considering

The megatrends method is also an effective means of dividing students into groups, as they will divide themselves according to their interests.


Flipcharts and markers.

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