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This method is used to examine the novelty of an invention –  whether an invention is new enough to be patentable.

Conducting a news study of an idea and exploring whether it already exists allows to show which inventions already exists, that might resemble one’s own. This way you can better assess whether to proceed with the idea and, if it is necessary to apply for a patent. Furthermore, this knowledge can be used as an inspiration in the further idea development, and news studies can thus be used in connection with the idea and concept development process.


  • First describe your invention – e.g. its features and technical functions
  • Then select suitable keywords
  • Conduct a patent search in e.g. google patents for patent specifications relevant for your idea
  • Examine how the identified patent specifications are classified
  • Search for the most relevant classes on
    • Search via classes: An invention can often be classified in several different classes if it e.g. both section A and B. Use keywords relevant for both section A to search in section B and vice versa
    • Search with keywords: The search is done in an iterative process where keywords and classifications are continuously revised
    • Search via citations: Use citations from the identified patents to find more relevant patents and classifications

See also tips and tricks (in Danish) in the DOWNLOADS-menu for detailed guidance.


News Studies require that you familiarize yourself with patent databases and their structures.

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