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A playbook is used in order to plan a workshop, a course session or an entire course – in detail one step at a time – in relation to the I&E process you wish to support. As such the playbook is developed on the basis of the process, which you have planned for the students to go through during the course. Optionally you may use a specific process model in order to organize the I&E-process, please view Models and Approaches.

The playbook contains the activities that are going to take place and may also describe other relevant aspects. By using a playbook you can get an overview of the process, which is useful in planning the course when you are distributing activities and estimating how long each activity should last. In addition the playbook is useful supporting the facilitation during the course as well as the cooperating with other teachers. Furthermore the playbook can be used to explain the students the process that has been planned for them.


When planning the innovation process you should have a clear understanding of the starting point, the purpose of the process, the expected outcome and as also how the process relates to the overall learning objectives.

When you know what the process should contain, you set up a schedule in which you describe the order of the different activities and the time frame for these. You also need to state the people responsible for the activities, which materials you need, the purpose of each activity and the expected learning outcome of the different activities.


Worth Considering

  • Use a playbook to display when different ways of teaching are used
  • Be aware that different teaching formats require different preparation time
  • During group work your position as a teacher may take the form of a facilitator. Please view the section on facilitation here under The Role of the Teacher.



Playbook template

Visual playbook  (for the creative and advanced)

Example of a playbook used in a workshop in the course Human Benefits From Insects, SCIENCE, UCPH

Example of a playbook from workshop in the course Project management and Interaction, HUM, UCPH