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Backtalk is an exercise in which a person listens to two other people who discuss his or her project challenge. The point of the exercise is that listening carefully to how other people discuss and perceive the project challenge can potentially lead to lots of useful perspectives and new ideas .



  • The participants are divided into groups of 3.
  • Each participant sits on a chair facing the other group members.
  • One of the participants explains their project challenge and then turns their back to the other two.
  • These two participants then discuss the problem openly, drawing from their own experiences, while the participant with the project challenge listens without commenting.
  • After approximately 10 minutes, the participant with the project challenge turns around and states, “Thanks for your input”.
  • Thereafter, the process continues with the next participant until all three have received input.
  • This exercise is typically used to conclude a day.

The method can also be used two and two.


Preparation is not required


Workz A/S

Find inspiration in the theory of problem understanding and systemic theory. Humberto Maturana and Kenneth Gergen are considered the leading theorists within this field.

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