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For some students, competitions can be very motivating. You can choose to involve your students in competitions where monetary prizes are at stake, or choose competitions where there is a chance to get feedback from companies, potential investors or professionals in a specific field.


Below, a list of competitions is shown. Each focuses on student involvement. A characteristic shared by several of the competitions listed below is that they were started, and are run by students.

  • Venture Cup: A nationwide competition founded by McKinsey, a consulting firm. The competition is for students and all academic disciplines are welcome. Venture Cup focuses on the importance of interdisciplinary solutions and teamwork. The organisers also arrange workshops that focus on presentation techniques and business plans.
  • Dansic: Dansic is a competition founded by students that focuses on social innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Suitable for Business: A competition that specifically focuses on building bridges between companies and students in the social sciences and humanities.
  • Sustainergies: The competition is based in Sweden and focuses on sustainability. It is open to all students.
  • Start-Up Weekend: As the name suggests, the competition takes place over a weekend. Start Up Weekend includes different competitions that touch on a number of themes to be inspired by.

Several of the competition organisers make themselves available for visits to courses where they explain the criteria to be fulfilled in order to participate in – and possibly win – the competition.

Worth Considering

Consider when to introduce the competition to your class. Should it serve as a course driver, or is it something that you simply want to share with students.

See Aarhus University’s overview of student competitions at:


You will need to spend some time researching the competitions and their deadlines.

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